15 Giugno 2019

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Rio nell´Elba

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Rio nell´Elba:: it is an ancient mining town of about 950 inhabitants. It was built on the slopes of Capannello Mount at 155 meters above sea-level.
Unesco, cultural and scientific center of ONU, has added the Island of Elba in the map of the most important scientific places.

In the "World Heritage Provisional List of Geological Sites",this is the name of the map, the mining area of Rio and Calamita are classified as real geological monuments and besides among the most prestigious in the world. There are about 150 mineral species identified in the Island and from here they have scattered in the natural history museums all over the world. The reason is clear :" these areas are an extraordinary example of the association of significant geological and mineralogical phenomena with a mining activity developed during 3000 years.....they represent a unique example of the interaction between the human being and a set of natural processes placed in a landscape full of charm and attractions " Unesco claims.

In particular in Capo Calamita one can find clusters of iron oxides associated to nice examples of skarn silicate. Besides the ancient Calamita mine, once divided into many yards, has been intensively exploited in the last centuries and it has been closed only at the beginning of the seventies.

In the surrounding areas there are a lot of hints for those who are fond of archeology : as a matter of fact, in this area plenty of tools of the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods were found , such as a burial ground of the VIII - VI century b.C. and numerous accumulations of ancient iron scoriae.

Volterraio Castle:: it was built in the XI century by Vanni di Gherardo Rau, during the rule of Pisa. On the top of a cliff. The whole territory is of great interest because it is in the middle of a very old mining area intensively cultivated by the Etruscans.
Parish Church of SS. James and Quirico
S. Catherine´s Church of the XVII century
Oratory of SS. Trinity
Mineral museum Alfeo Ricci

Volterraio Castle,which overlooks a vast and beautiful view.
S.Catherine´s Church,on Serra Mountain.

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