15 Giugno 2019

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Rio Marina

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Rio Marina: the village is located on the eastern side of the island in a small inlet surrounded by hills whose soil, that is red because of the oxide of iron, reminds the rich mining past. In this area the iron had been extracted from the mines since the time of the Etruscans and it was, along with fishing, the main activity of the inhabitants until a few years ago. Nowadays Rio Marina is a seaside resort equipped for the needs of tourism. Its municipality was formed in 1882, keeping apart from Rio nell´ Elba with which it still shares the story.

The Bell Tower
The Mineral Museum situated in the city hall, presenting 700 different minerals from the island.
The Mineral Park of Elba

The iron mines of Rio Marina
The panoramic road of Porticciolo
The Giove Tower
Monte Grosso mountain
The island of Palmaiola
The small island dei Topi
The island dei Cerboli.


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