15 Giugno 2019

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Marina di Campo

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Marina di Campo:this little and pleasant town stretches along the homonymous gulf and it has got the widest sandy shore in Island of Elba. The Oleandro is just 400 meters
Its historical centre is reserved for pedestrians and there one can go for wonderful walks among narrow streets full of shops and boutiques

The beach is freeand it has got a lot of facilities such as:
  • Restaurants
  • Cafès
  • Beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs rental
  • Boats for hire
  • Playground
that have favoured the growth of a pleasing seaside resort very popular among the inhabitants of the island and tourists and that can offer you a nice stay.

Many are the places of interest. Among them the Tower of Marina di Campo built during the Medicean time and the Church of San Nicolò in San Piero, which might have been rebuilt on the remains of a temple devoted to God Glauco in the Roman period.
In S. Ilario the Church of S.Giovanni ( S. John) stands out that is probably the largest ancient temple built on Elba by Christianity.

The Tower of S. Giovanni ( S. John) and the Church of S. Francesco (S.Francis) are very important and they are located along the road to Perone Mountain. The Columns dating back to Roman age in Seccheto resort are very important, too.

In Marina di Campo you can visit Elba's Aquarium,one of the biggest in Italy with all sorts of fishes from the Mediterranean sea. The Aquarium is 2 kilometers from our apartments.

To visit :
The Tower : : built during the Pisan time (1.200 a.C.) it lies at the end of the town over a rocky cliff that overlooks the bay.
Don't forget to visit the hilly countries of S. Ilario(Hilary) and S. Piero (Peter), rich in history and charm, famous for digging out and working of granite.

Along the road that leads to Perone Mountain you can visit :
The Tower of S.Giovanni(S.John)(1.200 d.c.): it has been recently restored and it overlooks the whole bay of Marina di Campo. It was a look-out place against the invaders
The Church of S.Giovanni(S.John): it is the largest ancient temple built by Christianity on Elba, of romanic architecture, but it keeps undamaged only the perimetrical walls. In the summer some concerts of classical music are performed there.
The Church of S. Nicolò in S. Piero in Campo.It might have been rebuilt on the remains of an ancient temple devoted to God Glauco in the Roman period.
The Church of S.Francesco )in S.Ilario in its unique square.
Roman Columns: they are remains made of granite dating back to the Roman time when the granite of Elba was used to build and adorn important palaces in the Imperial Rome. They are in Seccheto.
Cocchero Mountain: : you can see a holy fence with monolites put in semicircle, dating back to 3.000 years ago, while some rests of blast-furnaces have been found in Fetovaia and Seccheto , that show the exploitation of the Elba mines on behalf of the Romans between the II century b.C. and the II century a.C..


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