15 Giugno 2019

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Marciana:: it is one of the oldest towns in Elba and among the most interesting for its historical and archeological evidence. From the church , through the Cantone square, the net of picturesque alleys stretches among passes and steep stairs up to the fortress. Not far from here there is Poggio, 330 meters above sea-level, 250 inhabitants. It is located on a ridge of Capanne Mountain with a structure that reminds the medieval villages. Like Marciana, the interior of the little town is only for pedestrians with strait lanes and crooked streets that lead to characteristic and picturesque squares. It's very well preserved, in a panoramic position, and it also enjoys a particularly mild microclimate that has favoured the qrowth of a health resort thanks to the presence of pure spring- water , such as the famous "Napoleon source", already well-known and so called because it was used by the Emperor.

The Church of S.Lorenzo (Laurence),), a national monument in Romanic style, was destroyed by the Turks in the year 1554 . It lies along the old road Marciana - Marciana Marina.
It was built t at the time of the Republic of Pisa to become a fortress, as a matter of fact the inhabitants from Marciana gathered within its walls to defend themselves against the invaders. It is located in the upper part of the town.

The Church of S. Nicolòin Poggio, built on two bastions of an old fortress, probably goes back to the XIII century.
The Church of S.Cerbone,ancient oratory along the road that from Poggio goes up to Capanne Mountain, it was erected by the inhabitants in honour of the Saint just in the place where he fled from Populonia, when this town was attacked by the Longobards in 570.
The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte (Our Lady of the Mont)is situated 627 meters above sea-level in memory of Maria Malewka.
Archeological Museum in Marciana
Historical and Cultural Archives in Marciana.

Capanne Mountain: six trails pointed out by signposts with journey times lead from Marciana, Poggio, Valle Nevera, Chiessi and Pomonte to the top of Capanne Mountain, where you can enjoy a wonderful view. You can reach easily the summit from Marciana by a two - seat cableway .
Perone Mountain,630 meters above sea-level, that can be reached by car.
Terrazza Belvedere can be reached by car from Marciana.
Sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte,within walking distance.

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