15 Giugno 2019

To visit

Fonza (3,06 km from us)

Beaches nearby
Fonza Beach ) is not very vast , it is about 95 meters long and 8/10 meters wide. It is exposed to the south-southwest, therefore to the south-west wind and southern one in particular. It is made up of quite big stones but smooth and flat, therefore "comfortable" enough, of grey and beige color. In some spots there is also thin sand.
On the left and right side of the shore there are very large stones, totally unsuitable for sunbathing.

A feature that distinguishes and contrasts sharply with the stony beach is the sea sounding made up of fine sand just like Marina di Campo´s beach, that is not far from here. The seabed is very low for at least 20 meters from the shore, allowing everyone to play with water and walk along the beach.

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